Empowering you to create, host, and earn from engaging virtual experiences.

An all-in-one platform for creating, hosting, and monetizing immersive virtual experiences

Create virtual events that feel like face-to-face interactions

With FeelitLIVE, your can turn your live event into the truly immersive experience you want. With engagement tools such as live feeds, private chat spaces, group or one-on-one video chats, polls, and more, you can customize your live events for maximum participation, collaboration and engagement.

Create virtual events that feel like face-to-face interactions

Be the host, choose the approach

FeelitLIVE gives you the flexibility to tailor your virtual event to your audience's specific needs and demands. From choosing the type of content you want to broadcast (live or prerecorded), event frequency (one-off, recurring, or on-demand), to engagement options, and monetization strategies with FeelitLIVE, you are always in the driving seat.

Monetize your experience from beginning to end

With FeelitLIVE, ticketing is just the start of your revenue-generating journey. We provide you with the tools necessary to maximize your revenue opportunities – including monetization options such as customizable e-shops, donation/tip processing, live auctions, as well as paid replay/on-demand options for all events.

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The right tools to make your virtual experience a total success

FeelitLIVE gives all the tools needed to host engaging and revenue-generating virtual experiences
Live, prerecorded, archival or on-demand
Explore new ways to monetize your content by broadcasting live, prerecorded, archival, or on-demand content or any combination of the three.
Live feed
Push important announcements to your viewers without disturbing the live show, while empowering them to chat among themselves in the public feed.
Private spaces
Let your audience take control of their chat, by enabling them to create private spaces where they can chat with specific attendees, away from the public feed.
Private WatchBoxes
Empower attendees to create private WatchBoxes (video & chat) to interact with other attendees during your event.
Let your visitors join you backstage after the tour for a real-time video chat where you can answer all their burning questions
Ticket categories
Set up to four ticket categories with different price points, time frames, access levels, and engagement options.
Give your fans a seamless way to buy your books, souvenirs and memorabilia throughout the entire virtual experience.
Live auctions
Increase engagement and maximize revenue by incorporating a proven revenue-generating feature into your sports virtual experience.
Donations & Tips
Let your visitors show their support by adding a donation or tip option to your experience and letting them choose the amount they want to contribute.
Give your sponsors higher visibility by allowing them to showcase media-rich content and connect with your supporters in a meaningful way.
virtual booths-icon
Virtual Booths
Let exhibitors create virtual booths to showcase content and products and allow attendees to get in touch, request quotes, or live chat with exhibitors.
Admin tools
Manage and track your sports experience in real-time, view a summary of event statistics and download sales and attendees reports from any device.

Frequently Asked Questions


I want to create an experience/event. What do I need to get started?

Create your account, and sign in. It is a simple three screen process and our quick explanations will step you through it.

You say I can host for free. But how much will it really cost?

We charge 20% of the value of the tickets sold. This includes all costs – the virtual venue, the streaming and hosting and the payment charges. You only pay once tickets sell and you don’t pay anything else.

I don’t want to sell tickets - I want to host a free event. How will that work?

You can set up your event. We will get in touch with you to finalize the details.

How will I stream my experience?

You can stream directly from your computer/mobile device using the link we will provide. For live musical performances we recommend using an encoder software such as OBS - we will provide you with your custom RTMP link which you will paste into your encoder software.

When and how do I get paid?

We transfer the net proceeds to your bank account within 5 business days of the experience/event getting over

How many people can attend my event?

Thousands can attend. We can host up to a 40,000.

Can I interact with my viewers?

Absolutely, You decide the various interactive methods when you add the ticket types to your experience/event.