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Take your choir competition
to the next level

FeelitLIVE empowers you to bring your online and in-real-life audiences together to increase your choir competition's revenue and audience, while simultaneously delivering an immersive and engaging experience for everyone involved.


Go hybrid, go global

Effortlessly convert your in-real-life competition into a hybrid event that attracts audiences worldwide and increases your brand awareness without taking up all of your time or breaking the bank.

Choir competition go hybrid
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Increase your event's revenue

Get past traditional ticketing and open up your choir competition to new ways of making revenue by adding donations and tips, an e-store for merchandise, live auctions, super chats, and more. All managed in one easy-to-use platform

Engage like never before

Enhance your event with interactive engagement tools like live feeds, polls, games, private spaces, and real-time video interactivity to seamlessly bridge your online and real-life communities together.
Competitions engagement

The right tools to make any competition
a total hybrid success

Live Feed

Live feed

Chat with attendees and make announcements without disturbing the flow of the event


Private Spaces

Let attendees create private chat rooms to connect with friends and other attendees



Enable your attendees to donate or tips to your preferred cause or organization

Emoji Reactions

Emoji reactions

Let your audience share their real-time reactions to your content.

Polls and games

Polls & games

Use interactive games and polls to gather insights from your audience.

Drop in video

Drop-in video

Empower attendees to video interact with their favorite hosts and contestants



Give your sponsors extra visibility by giving them the opportunity to showcase their brand.



Let attendees buy your merchandise before, during, and after your competition


Live Auctions

Add fun and excitement to your competition while adding another revenue stream


Audience notifications

Let your customers know about events coming up by emailing them or texting them

Control Center

Control Center

Control your live stream and broadcast sessions altogether in a single panel.


Real-time analytics

Track ticket and merchandise sales as well as donations and live auction results in real-time.